Too Bad!! Pastor Adeboye’s Son “Leke Adeboye” Thanks Daddy Freeze For Blasting His Dad, Said he got them More Fame and Money

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This is totally uncalled for….
Pastor Adeboye’s son Leke Adeboye took to Twitter to thank Daddy Freeze saying ever since he started attacking Pastor Adeboye over the tithing issues, more and more people are beginning to watch their TV Station, sending them mail and most importantly more people are beginning to pay their Tithe.

Leke is also Pastor Adeboye’s P.A. He claims that does who are not paying the correct amount before started paying it rightly which is the 10% of their Income and those who are not paying at all before, has started paying now.

I guess to him, it’s a good thing that their church is booming and the church account is getting fatter by the day.
Leke wrote that there have been 33% increase in the number of people visiting the Redeem Christian Church of God Events and increase in the number of people paying their correct tithe.

He ended that he personally wanted to thank Daddy Freeze for the Increment.
Seriously, this is the Most Bizarre thing I have ever heard in my life.

Does this guy realized he just confirmed what a lot of people have been saying that their Church is basically a Family Business?

Coming out with an outburst like this further confirms that these people are scamming and robbing Nigerian and that they are only interested in Making Money?

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