Some Confusing Facts About Don Waney who has been labelled a Mass Murderer And A Kidnapper.

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But the kidnapping kingpin and mass murderer that was labelled on Don Waney was not what I first heard about Don Waney, This Don Waney actually earned my respect with what someone once told me about him, though I meet this guy who actually came to me to render a service to him.

The discussion which resulted to my first time of hearing about Don Waney, was when he was trying to get a discount,

The conversation was like.

The guy=please give me a discount.

Me=No that’s the last price.

The guy= I really came from a very far place.

Me=where did you come from just to get a simple service you could get in your area.

The guy= I came from Onelga

Me= I don’t No where is Onelga and I haven’t heard about it be4, please leave me alone am busy.

The guy= Havn’t you heard about Don Waney?.

Me= who the hell is Don Waney? Okay don’t worry I will give you a discount.

They Guy= So you don’t know who is Don Waney? This guy is the strongest guy in Onelga, Nobody even the Government can mess with them because of this guy.

Me= Let me see this guy

They Guy= went straight to google and searched Onelga.

But then and behold a picture of a cool guy surrounded with heavily armed strong bodies surfaced in place of a full community,

But then I started loving this guy even without knowing much about him. But then I was surprised when I saw some people happily sharing a post with a title, “Don Waney the Kidnapper and a mass murderer has been shot dead”

But then if this guy is not really a kidnapper and a mass murderer but just a treat to the abuse of power from the high places then they people of Onelga should get ready for operation promise and fail because the power of your community has just been taken away from you.


You think he is just a stubborn child though in pastor Odunse’s Voice “When the enemy remembers that there is a stubborn child in the family they run away”

You really lost him….


Read what RBL posted below.

RBL posted, Don Waney may have been stigmatized with a sort of names relating to killings and kidnapping.

I was fortunate to be in contact with a close friend on social media, he told a lot.

I was reasoning like you until I embarked on daynight research. All boils down to 2019 election. The goal is to reduce Wike, they staged Don Waney’s name, knowing fully he is the only stone that troubles the election against APC.

You may ask, what prompted first missed attack even after receiving Amnesty, in his own hometown.

The same crack to bring him down. Oil company in his community has been a sponsor with FG to achieve this plan, because, what the community is enjoying today in Onuga and Omoku Environ was struggled out from wicked oil companies adamantly operating in the community without a few social amenities until Don Waney striked with his group.

His problem with FG is because they perceived him to be rolling with Wike after accepting his By-amnesty call in River State.

He would be a frustration to APC since Wike supported some of the social protesters with amnesty and title. I don’t support evil, I’m an activist, I open my mouth when I’m sure, Rivers State just opened another door for war but this time around it will be selective. January attack was carried out by external assassins, NOT DON WANEY

Recall, Kabiru Sokoto, Eunice killers, Herders, killers of five Igbo traders, Boko Haram Insurgents are fully chilling. Don Waney is the best to crack. Search the real tone yourself.

After much Investigation…They’ve killed Don Waney…Good and fine but how about Fulani Herdsmen? Foolish people from the South will over rejoice over the killing of Don Waney but how about Fulani Herdsmen that terrorizes our people?

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