See How A lady Saved Up to N363,000 A whooping 1000$ in Just 7 months, You too can save

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We have all notice that 90% of a Nigerian born lady is known for her ways of squandering Money,

We have had cases of some men opening a certain shop for their wife with about 100k to 200k but only for their wife to come back at the end of the day with nothing and a beautiful slogan like “don’t you see Papa Nkechi that opened a big super market for her wife” but she was only competing with mama Nkechi with the same food she eats there by spending both her gains and capital slowly without knowing.

But you can still save!!!

However, as long as you continue to spend less each month, eventually you will be able to start putting that extra money into savings. There is hope for everyone to save money. Do not feel like it is impossible to start saving. Instead start taking action and work towards your money saving goals.

Ogbeifun Ayobamidele Joy A facebook user posted below:-
“Opened my piggy bank today(kolo) which I started in April and I was able to save N363,000. I did good pls no begging
especially family members



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