BREAKING: Neymar reportedly won’t go back to Paris as he plans Real Madrid or Barca move (Read More)

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He regrets moving to France after he felt sad for being defeated out of the champions league clash with Real Madrid….

Spanish paper ABC report that Neymar has made final decision about his future. The forward is currenlty recovering from his recent injury in Brazil and he doesn’t want to come back to PSG.

• He has reportedly told his father that he can’t stand the jeers from Paris fans and he doesn’t want to play in the Ligue 1, calling it ‘a league with no traditions’. Neymar wants his representatives to start the negotiations over his next transfer.

Neymar has been strongly linked with Real Madrid over the past few months. PSG have responded to the rumours, by setting the price of €400m for the Brazilian star .

It has also been reported, that Neymar offered himself to Barcelona, as he misses his former team mates and admits that he was wrong this summer.

Would you welcome Neymar at our club?

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