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1.if you are a lady, and a man keep spending on you and you
never asked if he is saving or investing, and you keep enjoying
the attention, you should forget marriage with him #no man
wants to marry a vagabond.

2. The Bitter Woman : You know that woman that always
seems to be angry at the menfolk all the time? Perhaps she
has had her heart broken one too many times, but this
woman is always bashing on men and talking about how
they are no-good or useless. A man might not want to
settle down with someone so bitter as it is guaranteed
that when the opportunity arises, she would hurl hurtful
insults and intense, hateful words his way due to all her
unresolved anger.
3. The Selfish Woman : If you want a happy home and a
partner that wants your happiness as well as hers, then
you should steer clear of the selfish woman. A woman who
is determined to make sure she always comes first would
not be able to build a cheerful and loving home with you
4. The Materialistic Woman : A woman obsessed with material
things would certainly not make the best wife. If all she cares
about are material possession over family, faith and spiritual
fulfillment, then she will not make the best partner.
5. The Flirty Woman : Are you attracted to that woman that
always seems to flirt with one person or another? She flirts like
a butterfly from one man to another and makes all men feel like
she is interested in them. Well, beware, because a habit like that
might be hard to break after marriage and you would not want
to start hearing that your wife has had flirty conversations with
all the men in the neighbourhood.
6. The Party Freak : She is invited to every party and attends
them all. She is always dressed in the most flashy clothes and is
the ultimate party girl. She lives for the next big gathering and
cannot say no to an invitation. Such woman might not be the
type to settle down in a marriage.
7. The Spoilt-Brat : A woman who grew up having everything
handed to her and has never had the experience of actually
working for something is unlikely to make the best wife.
No matter how much you might be will


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