Disregard Any News Of Naira Appreciating Against Dollar @181 Naira per $1 (See Prove)

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According to Google The Nigerian Naira today, appreciated against the dollar at the parallel market.

The Nigerian currency gained and is now N182 to $1 before it was N365 to the dollar, while the Pound Sterling and the Euro closed at N257 and N225 both which were N508 and N444 respectively.

But This one is extremely shocking and is unacceptable according to our sources Trading at the Bureau De Change window today saw the Naira closing at N362 to the dollar, while the Pound Sterling and the Euro traded at N508 and N444.

Just disregard any news and rumors of such rate as that was caused by google it self, by crawling the wrong exchange site and ranking it on Google’s first page…

“Google ranked the wrong site” due to the new Data law, The great google have been busy updating it’s policy as not to violate the new principal governing the new law…. So always confirm an information you get from about 2-3 website before sharing or believing, I beleive the great google will resolve this small issue soon…

One of the most trusted online Platform you can always check the value of currencies to Naira is abokifx.com which it’s parallel market rate is as below this morning:-

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