See The Seven Simple Characters Chioma Possesses That Made DAVIDO Fall In Love With Her

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This is probably what happened between Chioma and davido.

Davido one way or the other met with Chioma, they of course shared pleasantries, Chioma didn’t behave like “this one has money, let me chop am” (that has kept many girls still single).

Chioma surprised davido with a free meal, maybe what Davido doesn’t like to eat, but on eating it from Dhioma, it taste so good.

Chioma didn’t play with David’s time as she knew David is very busy type, In fact she lent her full support to him, followed him to shows, and gave him business ideas, chioma may have easily sensed Davido’s problems and tried to help him solve it.

Chioma must have begged davido to stop few bad character, not like the slayers whose first order is a big pot of shisha.

Chioma is a s^xual expert, she doesn’t allow davido go hungry, new things everyday.

Chioma must have been comfortable, with Assurance that no man other than davido can buy her off.

Chioma is brave,she doesn’t complain, she is supportive even to the other baby mamas and doesn’t gossip, she let’s davido know she is not worth him, but would try all she could to make that.
Chioma doesn’t complain about davidos friend attitude, she only advice davido to be a role model to them..

Most importantly chioma is a girl of few words, she would rather smile
These are few things chioma has done, Infact what a lady can do to make a man go crazy

– Fidelis ozuawala.

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