A 31 Years Old Nigerian Lady Shot & Brutally Murdered by Her Italian Husband Amidst Breakup

Another terrible, heinous, and senseless Femicide took place in recent days a Noventa Vicentina. A woman named Rita Amenze, 31years old and of Nigerian origin, was brutally murdered by her husband. The man, a 61-year-old local, shot the woman and then vanished into thin air. Law enforcement is now busy searching for the killer.

trail of blood which seems not to want to stop anymore. Last Friday, at the first light of dawn, yet another femicide took place on the Italian territory.

It was around 7:00 in the morning and  Rita Amenze was about to start her shift at a factory in Noventa Vicentina. The woman, who was only 31, was approaching the entrance along with some colleagues when Pierangelo Pellizzari, her Husband came out of nowhere. The man had a gun in his hand and, without any restraints, he killed his wife with several bullets. Immediately after shooting, the man turned to leak in his car, a gray Jeep Cherokee.

The Carabinieri and the Police immediately started one manhunt to track down, as soon as possible, the person responsible for this crazy and totally senseless gesture. There is fear for the safety of other people, since man is considered extremely dangerous and potentially still armed.

The words of the ex of the husband of Rita Amenze

This extreme gesture, it is not the only one that Rita’s Husband did in his life. Interviewed by journalists from Fourth Degree, l’Ex Girlfriend by Pierangelo Pellizzari told of his terrible experience with man.

Now that I know what he did to his wife, I’m afraid because he’s a bad person, a free killer.

The woman, of Romanian origin, told how her story with him had gone wrong. than he was violent and to have it reported twice for violence.

The first time he hit me when I told him our story was over. On another occasion he waited for me in the garage while I was going to work and he beat me again. I feel lucky now. Because I didn’t suffer what he did to his wife.

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