A woman sacrificed her life for me to escape and she was shot dead by the kidnappers – victim narrates

The young boy identified as Felix Adekunle is a 14-year-old boy, who was abducted while he was hawking after school hours in Okemapo area of Owo in the Owo Local Government Area of Ondo State. Below is the photo illustration of young boys rescued from kidnappers.

Furthermore, Felix Adekunle fortunately escaped from the den of his abductors few hours after he was kidnapped on Monday.

Additionally, the mother of the victim, Mrs Abosede Adekunle, said she had been searching for her son when he did not return home on time, thinking that he had lost the sale proceeds.

In addition, Felix Adekunle while been interviewed by newsmen today disclosed how he was kidnapped by the kidnappers. In his words, he said, “It happened on Monday while I was hawking slippers after school hours, then I decided to take a shorter route to the market in other to make my sale. While I was on my way to the market, about three men stopped me and told my one of my slippers had fallen down. Immediately, I dropped the tray on my head to check for the slippers but couldn’t find it.”

“Before I knew it, the men dragged me into the vehicle while I was unconscious. When I regained my consciousness, I found myself in a uncompleted building with a woman and her son with a headless body beside her. After a while, the woman asked me to untie her because our abductors were in the other room discussing. I did as she said and we fled together.”

“While fleeing, the woman fell on the ground and couldn’t stand up. I tried pulling her up but she couldn’t, so she gave me N500 and asked me to keep on running and never look back. Some minutes later, I heard gunshots from the house while I was escaping”, he added.

However, Felix Adekunle was rescued by some people selling bread by the roadside after he narrated his ordeal to them. He was eventually handed over to Amotekun Corps, who responded swiftly and took him to their office.

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