“After I Had Food Poisoning, I Promised God That I Would Not Buy Food Outside Again”- Jane Mena

To some people, cooking is a hubby, others consider it as stressful while some others who aren’t really trained with eating outside, try to make their own meal, themselves. Preparing food by yourself sometimes saves cost, allows you eat to your satisfaction and can even eat again later, than buying food outside.

Although, despite the fact that some people still prefer to buy food to cooking, popular instagram dancer Jane Mena revealed what made her stop buying food outside. According to a post on her Instagram story, she revealed that she once had food poisoning and after she survived it, she promised God never to buy food again.

The recent rise in the price of foodstuffs in the market also gave rise to a high number of people shying away from cooking but preferring to buy them. However, between cooking yourself and buying food outside, which do you think saves the most money

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