BBN: Angel & Pere Were Asked To Do One More Tasks To Earn The winner To the Finalist and the looser Out of the show

Big Brother Naija housemate, Angel has joined fellow housemate, Pere to be evicted from the house and not from the show just like Ebuka announced earlier.

Viewers have been left to anticipate what the fate of both Angel and Pere will be as they’ve been asked by Big Brother to indulge in a game that will either see them as a finalist or out of the show.

The duo have already started playing and it appears that their fates might be determined tonight… They’ve been asked to play a game called trucks and screwdrivers where they’ll have to disassemble a toy truck as quickly as possible.

The first person to complete the task will earn a spot in the grand finale and the person who loses will clearly lose their chance of winning the 90 million grand prize.

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