BBN: Angel, Yousef, Emmanuel, Saskay, And Nini Are Up for Possible Eviction This Week

Currently, the big brother naija  housemates Angel, Yousef, Emmanuel, Nini and Saskay are up for possible eviction, which means that at least one among five of them will be living the house next week Sunday.

This was reached after fellow housemates nominated them during the nomination session with Biggie. However, there fate will be decided after the Head of House games is played. In the sense that if any of them wins the game this evening, he or she gets covered by the immunity that comes with the position. Also, the deputy Head of House will be vested with the same immunity as the case may be.

After a long while Yousef is finally up for possible eviction, after several weeks of escaping it. Well, let’s see what happens next. If he wins the game, or eventually gets picked as the deputy Head of House, he will definitely enjoy immunity again and escape eviction as he has always done.

More updates are coming soon after the Head of House game. Stay tuned to my page for more highlights.

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