BBN: Barely 24 hours after entering the house, Kayvee Locks Lips With Angel on first night, as Sammie runs away

The Big Brother Naija newest housemates, Kayvee has put himself in the spotlight after he locked lips with Angel on his first night that’s unbelievable right.

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In the News, This took place during the truth or dare game played after the four new housemates, Kayvee, Queen, JMK and Michael, settled into the house.

However Kayvee was seen grabbing Angel’s buttocks amid cheers from other housemates before kissing her.

Though Pere, who played the role of the umpire, said, “As a good k*sser, let me examine this very well.

While He added, “Word of advice: Kiss this girl well,” the unexpected part was when Sammie ran out of the room, which made housemates burst into laughter.

The locking of lips between the duo lasted more than 15 seconds, and they had to be separated before they stopped.

See the video below:

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