BBN: “I Feels Like A Widow”- Saskay Tells Angel

Amongst the six persons nominated last week Monday for eviction, two of them have been evicted from the big Brother’s house and they are Jaypaul and Jackie B.

You would recall that Jaypaul and Saskay just started warming up as romantic partners. He bought her a flower during the week with some poetic lines to go with him.

His eviction tonight has caused her to be in a sad mood. While she was in the room and was being consoled by Angel, she told her in these words; “I Feel Like a widow”.

This is not far from the truth cause seeing him leave the house and not being able to do anything about it is painful. Plus, she would have to be in the house all by herself now.

To cheer herself up, she went to play a game of snooker. Her fellow housemate Cross (who has feelings for her) joined her to play the game.

Jaypaul on his part had to Ebuka he would like to pursue what they had when she is out of the house too but if she does not want it, he is fine with it.

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