BBN: “Let’s settle it here or I take things personal with you” – WhiteMoney confronts Pere The Second Time

The Big Brother Naija house mate WhiteMoney has recently confronted Pere for the second time upon noticing some certain mean behavior which doesn’t go his way.

In the News, The subtle beef between Pere and WhiteMoney continues to grow by the day as the latter confronts the former, either for a truce or full-time combat.

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WhiteMoney confronted Pere on Saturday before the party night after their feud Over a missing Pillow that caused uproar.

Speaking to Pere and Saga about his grievances, the entrepreneur for the first time faced the issue head-on on how he wants their relationship with one another.

“Your facial expressions when I’m talking is like I’m talking nonsense, you act like you have a personal beef with me.

“Don’t give people reason to beef on our behalf when nothing is happening, my mind is crystal clear towards you and I respect you and your profile.

“I don’t want you to gnash your teeth when you see me outside after the show, that’s why I want us to settle it here, but it looks like you have a hidden agenda for me.

“There wouldn’t be fun if I take things personal with you, if you have problem with me call me and talk to me as a man,” Whitemoney Says

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