BBN: Maria and pere identified as the wild cat in big brother house

The BBN Maria is totally confirmed to be one of the wild cards in the house based on her conversation with Big Brother during the dairy session and Pere is suggested to be because he was called to the diary room right after Maria.

In the News, Big Brother gave a clue that he would call the wild cards one after the other and Pere was the next person just after he finished speaking with Maria in the diary room therefore Maria and Pere are been identified as the wild cards.

Netizens reacting to this seem surprised as they never expected Maria to be one of the wild cards since she got herself actively involved in the whole show and are praying that the housemates never identify her so she could compete longer.

Maria has been helping the other housemates to identify the wild cards in the house not knowing she’s one of the wild cards but for Pere, he has been keeping it low hoping the housemates don’t identify him as one of the wild cards.

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