BBN: Nini Queries Saga For Giving her attitude

Nini, Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate, has questioned Saga for giving her a “attitude.”

Nini confronted Saga in the early hours of Wednesday, day 53 of the show, to ask why he had abandoned her.

It is important to note that Saga’s “attitude” toward Nini is a prank played on him by Biggie, who asked Saga to start a fight with Nini in order to win BB tokens.

To receive his prize, Saga must pretend to be in a fight with Nini until his next Diary Session.

Nini, on the other hand, is unaware of the prank as she wonders what went wrong.

Nini apparently confronted Saga and gave him a piece of her mind because she didn’t find his attitude amusing at all.

“Obviously, I don’t know what’s going on with you,” she said.

I despise doing this because it’s what you always do. When we’re having a bad day, you argue and give me a bad attitude.

“It’s messed up because you’ll come at me whenever you’re having a bad day. I have bad days, too, but I don’t blame them on you, but you do it all the time.

“I’ve lost count of the number of times you’ve done it. Even on the day you were awake, you acted the same way, as if it were my fault. I’ve had my share of bad days.

“They put me in a hotel. Did I ever give you a bad attitude? Did I give you an attitude even when they put me up the day before yesterday?

“I’m just going to say a few words about it. But if you do, don’t talk to me, and I won’t talk to you. Let us just get on with our lives.”

She stormed out of the lounge, not waiting for a response.

With the prank in full swing, Cross and Pere have decided to look into the source of the squabbles between the lovebirds in the house.

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