BBN: Pere officially fires WhiteMoney from the kitchen, Replaces him with JMK and Micheal

In the News, Pere has officially fired WhiteMoney from kitchen duties, The current head of house has said his reason for relieving WhiteMoney from his kitchen duties is because he is trying to reduce kitchen monopoly.. and according to him, Kitchen monopoly is not healthy!

“Since we came into the house, 2 weeks, you’ve been the one cooking everyday, morning and night! I spoke to Big Brother about this, and he said it’s my decision to make.”

“I’m about to cut you some slack, so from now till Monday, somebody else will be in charge of the Kitchen. I know you are not complaining, but so you can just relax. If this trend will go on like rotation, week, one person handles one week, and another person’s handles a week, if the next head of house wants to carry on like that, then it’s fine, else it’s okay”

“The whole essence for this is to reduce kitchen monopoly, and I’m very direct with this! Kitchen monopoly is not healthy”.

Viewers are reacting on social media as WhiteMoney was relieved of his cooking duties and replaced by JMK and Micheal.

The cooking was supervised by the Head of House, Pere, However, this has got fans reacting;

@Bentle79: Good to see WhiteMoney take out time to rest. He has worked himself out for the past two weeks cooking for 23 housemates.

@ArmyRossy: The same JMK that said she is a food blogger but doesn’t like to cook.

@Mrswole: This is a military regime.

@Fisayo: Pere thinks WhiteMoney’s game plan in the house is to cook for the housemate.

@Peace: Why can’t Pere cook and show us his own strategy.

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