BBN: That You Have Seen My nakedness Doesn’t Mean You should disrespect Me”- Angel

Beautiful Angel, a 21-year-old Big Brother Naija housemate, expressed her dissatisfaction with the way other female roommates judged her physical attractiveness.

Angel complained to JMK, claiming that she enjoys wearing exposed clothing because it is a part of her lifestyle and that no one should judge her for it.

She has been nice to all of the housemates since her arrival, and the majority of the boys have witnessed her nakedness.

She went on to state that she is aware that she exposes her body frequently, but it is her choice because she is an adult with the right to her body. She has the right to show everyone her nakedness, but she also has the right to be respected as a lady.

Angel told JMK that most people are quick to judgement and later, they regret their actions.

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