BBN: Watch Whitemoney ask Biggie for shaves and dyes for their hair, to look fresh “at least for eviction”

The Big Brother house mate who was nominated for With possible first eviction from the BBN house a few hours away, Whitemoney, who was nominated for possible eviction, seems to be getting ready to leave the house.

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In the News, This comes as Whitemoney, in a dairy session with Biggie on Friday, asked for shaving items for the guys to trim their hair and faces and some hair dyes for those of them with coloured hairstyles.

He seems to think that evicted housemates need to look fine even if they are going home.

Biggie, however, responded by saying they all look handsome in his eyes, to which Whitemoney hilariously reacted, feeling cute as he touched his face with excitement.

However, we are expecting Big Brother to add his personal request to their shopping list while we await for the eviction stage to take place and see who goes home and who stays.

Biggie also said he would consider the request as things seems to start getting interesting.

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