BBN: “WhiteMoney has too much negative energy, he’s faking a lot of things” – Pere Tells Big Brother To Evict Him (Video)

The Big Brother Naija Season 6 Housemate Pere during his diary session with Biggie has disclosed that WhiteMoney is faking a lot of things and he also has so much negative energy emanating from him.

In the News, Pere explained to Biggie what resulted in the outburst which was caused by a “whispering game”.

However, Pere revealed that he suspected WhiteMoney to have said something demeaning about him which led to a confrontation.

“It’s called a whispering game and a couple of things that were being whispered were very demeaning. Very disrespectful things. When it came to my turn, I kind of wanted to know what was being said.

Because when he whispered to Angel, and she whispered to Emmanuel. They didn’t want to tell me what he said… so I stopped playing the game because I insisted on knowing what was whispered,” he explained.

He further revealed that the whole house turned against him after the incident and accused him of bullying WhiteMoney.

“I believe WhiteMoney is faking a lot of things, he has too much negative energy” Pere added during his just concluded diary i session with

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