BBN: I can cook better than whitemoney, i want him to be cleaning the toilets” – Pere says

Seems the new head of house in the ongoing big brother Naija “shine your Eyes” season, Pere is getting worked out with WhiteMoney taking control of the Kitchen all the time.

However, Pere who won the Head of House competition yesterday assumed his duties almost immediately.

He was caught in a conversation with with Maria where he opened up to her that Whitemoney is using the kitchen as a strategy to avoid being nominated by the house mates.

According to Pere, he noticed it right from day one, “That’s a good strategy but I can’t contain with that. Cooking in the kitchen is his strategy to stay in the competition so that no one will nominate him. I knew it from day one.” he said.

Pere went on to say that he is using his position as the new HOH to get WhiteMoney out of the Kitchen.

“That’s why I am doing everything I can for him not to be in kitchen all the time.”

When asked by Maria why he didn’t use the same strategy to involve with the cooking, Pere said it was just to avoid confrontation with WhiteMoney. According to him, he is an aggressive person that could easily lose it when angry.

“I can cook.  I don’t want to have a tussle with anybody in the kitchen. I am a very aggressive person. I don’t want a situation people will see me as a bad person.

It would be recalled that Pere also gave WhiteMoney money an instruction as head of house to clean the toilet.

It is believed that getting him engaged with the toilet is a means to get him out of the house.

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