BBN: Check out how fast liquorose’s Instagram followers have grown since the reality show started

Liquorose one of the house mates in the reality show Big brother Naija season 6 which just kicked off,has experienced a massive growth of over 126,000 followers.

Before the show commenced,Roseline Afije,popularly known as Liquorose, had 750,000 followers on the popular app, Instagram Within a short time, it has grown to this extent.

One would wonder what it would get to by the time the show gets to the end.

The 26-year old Edo born Roseline Afije is a dancer,Choreographer and a member of the girls dance group,Girls got bold.

In a few minutes,the number of followers have increased from 826,000 followers to 838,000 followers.

You can check out the time difference,at 10:28pm,she was at 826,000 followers,at 11:06pm,it had grown to 838,000 followers.

This is really fast but its not surprising as the reality show is the biggest in Africa and attracts lots of viewers.

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