BBN: “My ex took back the house and the shop he got for me because i refuse to be his second wife” – Princess

The Big Brother Naija contestant Princess, said her ex boyfriend took back the house and the shop he got for her because she refused to be his second Wife.

In the News, During a conversation with some of her fellow housemates and contestants, Princess narrated how her ex boyfriend collected all the gifts including the house and a shop he opened for her, just because she broke up with him. According to her, the said ex was a chronic liar, and that she turned his marriage proposal down, because she wasn’t ready to become a second wife since he lied about divorcing his first wife.

“There was a time I called and asked him why he lied about many things, and also if he wants to make me his second wife he was stammering and said he was on the divorce process, but this dude showed me fake divorce papers.” She said.

“He said he wanted to marry me, I told him it won’t work because he lied all through the 4 years relationship. I told him let’s break up and still not be enemies. He said I’ve seen another man that’s why I want to break up with him. He got angry and asked me to give him everything he got for me including the shop and the house. I handed over the business to him and packed out of the house.” She concluded.

In this year’s Big Brother Naija show, the winner will go home with a total prize worth of ninety million Naira. (N90,000000) is that not interesting?.

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