Businessman who gifted a pregnant hawker last year christmas takes her off the street and set her up for life.

A man who helped a pregnant hawker December 2020 in the spirit of Christmas, has gone back to take her off the street and transform her life.

In a video last year which gone viral the man now known as Sijibomi Ogundele, bought all the garden eggs she was selling and and also gifted her Christmas hamper.

Giving an update on what he intended to do for the lady who sadly lost her baby, the businessman said he wanted to create a lasting impact in her life

Ogundele shared photos from their recent meeting and wrote;

”Remember the young pregnant lady who was hawking under the hot sun last year December and my team and I decided to put a smile on her face, by buying off her goods, giving her a hamper and a cash gift

I’ve been on the lookout for her to make a lasting impact in her life and that of her unborn child and I was glad yesterday when we finally met her in person only to hear the sad news that she lost the baby due to prolong labour and lack of proper medical care. I was totally devastated and heartbroken! The plight of women in this country is very sad and I strongly believe that a lot needs to be done on our health sector.

This for me is not a PR stunt. Giving back for me is more than a PR initiative, it is a lifestyle. Generosity is ingrained in my DNA thanks to my mother, the No. 1 Motomatician who always says to me “Òkè l?w?? afunni ?gbé”, meaning that the hand of a giver never lacks.

More importantly, I am putting this out here so we can be more sensitive to the needs of women around us, especially in this difficult time in our nation where the prices of things keep skyrocketing. I believe that when your neighbour is hungry, your chicken is not safe. Things are tough and I encourage everyone to do all they can in their own little way, to give a helping hand and put a smile on the face of someone.

One good deed can change the life of a person forever!”

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