“Cover Her Shame And Hear From Her First, You Owe Nobody An interview, It is Called Protection”- Relationship Expert, Blessing Ceo Slams Tega’s Husband

I’m sure everyone by now is very familiar with the issue of Tega and Boma from the big brother Naija house. A lot of Nigerians have expressed their heartfelt disappointment concerning their actions in the house and are happy that they are both finally out of the big brother Naija house.

A lot of Nigerian celebrities have also reacted to the issue and one of such celebrities is self-proclaimed relationship expert Blessing CEO. Blessing reacted after Tega’s husband was seen in an interview where he talked about the fact that his wife has still not contacted him since she left the BBNaija house.

The relationship expert Blessing is not in support of Tega’s husband granting interviews to talk about his marriage and she believes it is his way of trying to chase clout or fame. She talked about the fact that Tega never mentioned in the house that her husband cheated on her and Tega also forgave him when he cheated so he should also do the same.

She said and I quote, ‚ÄúTega was on national television but for one day she never told anybody that her husband cheated. Her husband came out to tell us he cheated, Tega forgave him. Now, Tega’s hubby has granted an interview without waiting to hear from his wife that just came out from the house…”.

Read the full statement below.

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