Disbelief as Christine is kidnapped at 7:30pm and Killed by 3A.m

Christine Ambani was from visiting a friend on Monday afternoon in Githurai, Kiambu county when she disclosed she had a pending meeting with her ex- boyfriend later that day.

Christine aged 23, was escorted to the bus station by her host, and that was the last time she was seen alive according to police reports.

According to police officers, Christine was murdered the day she went missing, after her body was found at a parking lot in Githurai and taken to city mortuary.

According to records, Christine’s body was booked on Tuesday at 3 am, just a few hours after she went missing.

Her close friend revealed to authorities that Christine was in communication with her until 7:30 pm on Monday, when she suddenly became unreachable.

“We believe someone wanted her dead. She wasn’t abducted for ransom, but to be killed. The time taken to end her life was too brief for people who wanted ransom. It was a plot planned over time,” a Kasarani-based DCI detective, privy to the investigations, told a local publication.

Her abductors are said to have taken control of her family and demanded ransom, and promised to kill her if their demands are not met.

A close friend revealed that she was aware Christine was going to meet a male friend known to her, but she’s was not sure if the meeting took place.

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