“Emmanuel Please Run, Resist The Devil Before It Tempts You”- WhiteMoney

Whitemoney recently pulled Emmanuel away from Angel the moment he saw that they were talking all by themselves in the dressing room and sitting very close to each other.

Whitemoney came to Emmanuel and advised him to run away before he is being tempted to do what will affect his relationship with Liquorose. In his statement to Emmanuel, he said, Emmanuel please run, resist the devil before it tempts you”.

Whitemoney said this and at the same time tried to pull Emmanuel away from Angel, while Angel also dragged Emmanuel with him.

Emmanuel and Angel laughed as they saw what Whitemoney was trying to do. Then Emmanuel told Whitemoney that nothing is going to happen between him and Angel because he sees Angel as his little sister. Inorder to prove this to Whitemoney, he went back to Angel and kissed her on the head, while telling her that he cares about her.

‎Whitemoney’s action shows that he values the relationship between Emmanuel and Liquorose and would not want anything to jeopardize it because he knows that Angel has a tempting body which most of the male housemates in the house found hard to resist.

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