Governor Okezie Ikpeazu Reveals Why He Rocked ‘Ndi Dot’ T-Shirt

Governor Okezie Ikpeazu While referring to wearing the “Dot Nation” He said, I have a T-shirt where all the states have dots. I now asked ‘dots everywhere, then who owns Nigeria?’ It must be the dot people. So, I think all Nigerians should copy the spirit of the Igbo man because we are the real Nigerians, because we are everywhere and we spend money everywhere and we add value and support socio-economic activities everywhere.


Those who feel withdrawn or are unable to trust one another would hardly do that. It is difficult to find Adamu Sanda Nigeria Limited or Kolawole Nigeria Limited in Enugu. That is why the rest of Nigerians should copy the outlook of the Igbo man.

In the News, Some of our people would build five-storey building in Kaura Namoda and establish a hospital and add value. It means that they have faith in that place and add value and that means they would not do anything that will upset the peace of such place.

So, failure to recognise the fact that there is a people talking by their attitude, it is not by declaring that ‘I’m a Nigerian.’ You must be able to walk the talk. Who are the people that have demonstrated faith in this country more than any other? It is undeniable. It is not about population; it is not about strategic location; it is not about one foot in the river; it is about who are those who are prepared to recover Sambisa for the reason that they want to reside there and to do business.

We don’t just see Sambisa as a forest but as Igbo men, we see it as an investment opportunity; and that is the outlook Nigeria needs now, going forward.

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