Hotel Guests Demand Refund As Rooms Turn Into ‘Swimming Pool’ After Heavy Downpour

Guests at Cosmos Hotel in Ibadan screamed after water flooded their rooms as they asked to be paid back their money

A short clip showed the building in complete disaster from the flooding, no place was spared by the heavy downpour

People who reacted to the video were of the opinion that asking for a refund is quite insensitive of the guests

Guests at a hotel in ibadan were confronted with a natural disaster after a heavy downpour as water flooded their rooms.

Gathering in the compound of the hotel, the guests said they would collect all the money they have paid for their rooms.

They should not be asking for refund

The flooding was as heavy outside as it was inside. A part of the video shared on Instagram by oyo affairs showed the properties in the room swimming in water.

The incident happened at Cosmos Hotel in Ajibode area of Ibadan. Some people who commented on the video faulted the people’s demand for a refund. compiled some of the reactions below:

ishow_gram said:

“Wa gbowo room e instead of you to thank God for your life.”

send4nikki said:

“How come for god sake! Ma gbowo room mi ..what if u bult it…”

_official_middo wondered:

“Pool or hotel?”

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