I advised Maria to evict WhiteMoney on sunday with her veto power as the head of house – Pere revealed to Michael

The Big brother Naija house camera has captured Pere and Michael discussing in the garden.

During conversation, Pere revealed that he has advised Maria on whom to evict on Sunday. Recall, Biggie gave Maria a fake authority to evict two housemates on Sunday. Biggie told her that there won’t be nominations and evictions this week but he wants her to prank the housemates.

However, Pere’s discussion with Michael shows that he never liked White Money. He sees Whitemoney as a threat and doing everything possible to get him evicted.

“I told Maria to evict White Money on Sunday with her veto power as head of house. I was against kitchen monopoly”

In continuation Pere also said he wants Angel to leave.

“This guy thinks I am always picking on him. There was a day he was in the garden taking some things in Igbo. I told him to kindly round up. He took it as an issue. All know is the guy is fake. I told him that he is fake,” Pere said

Michael revealed that Oueen used to like Pere. But switched to White Money after Maria picked on her.

Michael added, “White Money is saying you are fake. You are saying he is fake. So it is like you guys don’t like each other.”

Funny enough, the housemates don’t know that Maria cannot evict anyone.

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