“I Dont Think I Know My Boyfriend Anymore”- Nini Reacts To Different Pictures Of Her Boyfriend Online

Nini finally reacts to different pictures of her boyfriend on social media.

Nini is currently in her media rounds after her eviction from the big brother’s house. The OAP in one of the media stations decided to engage Nini in a discussion about the different pictures of her boyfriend.

Check out their discussion below.

OAP: Have you seen the different pictures of your boyfriend online? We want to know who exactly among them is your boyfriend. There were a lot of comparisons between some of them and Saga.

Nini: One of them is my friend. We went out for an event together and that was the picture he uploaded. He also uploaded a picture of me sleeping in bed beside him, on that day I was sick and he came visiting. That was when he took the picture. At this point, I don’t think I know my boyfriend anymore.

Saga: To answer your question. It may be me, it may be you, it may be someone by your side.

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