“I Have Been Way Too Nice, So Where Is My Abeg Bag” – Yousef Confronts Angel

The housemates were all provided Abeg Bag. Each housemate has their Abeg bag where they put their possession in the house. Yousef’s own got missing this morning and he has been searching the entire bedroom for it.

After searching, the one person he could think might take his bag is Angel. He stated the reason why he feels Angel might have taken the bag. That maybe he has done something to her that she doesn’t like.

It happened with Cross. She took his Abeg bag to revenge for what he did to her. So Yousef feels Angel is the Prime suspect. Another reason he thinks Angel took the bag was that she was the last person in the bedroom. Everyone left her inside.

When Yousef approached her softly and she keeps denying it, his mood changed and he said, “I have been way too nice, so where is my Abeg bag”. He looks very certain Angel took it but she is not admitting she did.

Yousef is a calm guy but Angel might just have touched the other side of him if he is right about her taking his Abeg

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