“I have No Plans To Touch The 30Million, I Will Keep It In My Account And hussle For More”- WhiteMoney

WhiteMoney reveals his plans for the N30M cash prize he got from winning the Big Brother Naija’s show.

According to the short interview during the winner’s presentation. WhiteMoney said he has no plan of touching the money.

Check out WhiteMoney & Ebuka’s discussion below.

Ebuka: What is the first thing you would do with your cash prize.

WM: I will keep it in the account. Un-touch, then I will Huzzle more because there are other things to still deliberate about.

As expected, WhiteMoney’s statement got a lot of people talking.

Wale: WhiteMoney should relax and enjoy his money. You can’t be a Huzzler forever.

Gbenga: What happens to all the white boxers & singlet thanksgiving. He just played with viewers’ emotions. He knows what he was doing when he made those statements.

Jerry: He is wise, he should take advantage of the fact that there is hype on him now before the big brother Naija buzz ends.

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