BBN: I know i’m going to be here untill the end of the show because i’ve watched it for a long time – Queen

In the recent News, One of the newly introduced big brother naija housemates Queen has revealed to others why she believes she’ll be in the house, until the last day.

However, While discussing with Whitemoney, Liquorose and Boma, she stated that she’s been watching the show for a very long time.

According to her, “even if I’m up for eviction, I won’t panic because I know I’ll be here until the end of show.

One thing about the show is that what works for the previous set may not work for the present one. A lot of people tend to believe that because they watched virtually every activity of the past housemates, it will also be applicable to the present ones but they fail to forget that humans have different taste.

How one relates with you may not be the same with another. For you to be on the show and also do well, you just have to be yourself and pray the viewers like you.

However, judging from the few days she’s been in the house and also her strong belief of staying until the end, what do you think about what she said?

Read and Share your thought.

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