“I Saw Saskay Crying In My Dream That She Wants To Go Home”- WhiteMoney Tells Liquorose & Emmanuel

WhiteMoney reveals his dream about Saskay to Liquorose and Emmanuel.

The camera focused on WhiteMoney, Liquorose, and Emmanuel in the kitchen. WhiteMoney decided to engage them in a discussion about his dream before Pere joined them in the kitchen.

I had a dream about Saskay. She was crying that she would like to go home. I haven’t figure out the meaning of the dream, but I would. -WhiteMoney tells Liquorose and Emmanuel.

As expected, WhiteMoney’s statement about Saskay got a lot of comments on social media.

Lane: WhiteMoney has turned to Joseph the dreamer again.

Vivian: What WhiteMoney cannot do doesn’t exist.

Kunle: WhiteMoney is truly gifted.

Salem: This guy talks too much. If he’s not careful this would ruin his chances of winning.

See more reactions via the screenshots provided below.

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