“I started dating my wife when I was living in one room” – Billionaire, Obi Cubana (See Photos)

Nigerian billionaire and entrepreneur Obi Cubana has disclosed that he met his wife and they started dating when he was living in a single room apartment in Abuja.

In the news, the chairman of Cubana group who stated that he’s happily married, his wife, Ebele Iyiegbu started from the scratch with him and has been with him way before the money and fame.

Speaking on the importance of money, the father of four noted that it doesn’t guarantee the success of a marriage but only makes it easier.

“I started dating my wife when I was living in one a room… we were like four guys staying inside one room without bed, the foam was on the floor… It wasn’t about the money, but we are happy. I married her when I was living in a 3-bedroom flat. Peace brings prosperity, money does not keep marriage but money makes marriage easier.”.

According to him, his marriage is sweet not because of money but for the peace of mind, he enjoys daily with his wife and three children.

He said;

“I started dating my wife when I was living in a room without a bed. What makes my marriage sweet is not money because money can’t keep a marriage, it only makes marriage easier”.

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