“I Want To See Boma To Check If Tega’s Husband Have Cut His Leg”- Whitemoney Tells Pere

Few minutes ago in the big brother naija shine ya eyes house, Whitemoney was spotted having a conversation with Pere.

Whitemoney talked about Boma and Tega’s husband. Stating that based on the affair Boma had with Tega in the house before their eviction, Tega’s husband must have reacted to that.

“I want to see Boma, to check if Tega’s husband have cut his leg based on what he did with Tega in the house”.

Whitemoney’s statement concerning Boma and Tega’s husband also known as Ajemoney shows that the housemates were concerned about the affair Tega had with Boma in the house but it was only Queen who spoke about it with Tega, though Tega shunned her and told her to mind her business.

Recall that Boma and Tega’s affair in the big brother naija shine ya eyes house was a trending issue for a while on the internet, to the point that the husband, Ajemoney was interviewed and he revealed alot about their marriage. But in the end, they reconciled and are now back together as husband and wife.

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