“I want To Withdraw From Saskay, Use My Energy & Pursue Angel”-Cross Tell Jackie B

Cross reveals his next steps of actions regarding his love triangle with Saskay and Jaypaul.

A few minutes ago, the camera caught Cross and JackieB discussing in the room. JackieB decided to engage cross in a discussion about his relationship with Saskay.

Check out the breakdown of their discussion.

JB: I think Saskay has finally picked Jaypaul over you. Are you going to give up on her?

Cross: I don’t think I have that energy to chase her anymore. I want to withdraw from her. Use the energy to chase Angel.

JB: Angel is cool. You guys have similar personalities.

Cross: Angel is very cool, just that she has a touch. I like her energy, I know she likes me but not like that.

As expected, Cross’s statement got a lot of fans talking online.

Bimbo: Forget about Saskay, energy likes you.

Mike: Finally, Saskay can be free from Cross.

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