If Cooking is WhiteMoney’s strategy Then it’s fine, we are tired of starving” – Nini blows hot

The Big Brother Naija house mate Nini has blown hot while addressing the issue of Pere and Maria always emphasizing on cooking being Whitemoney’s strategy. 

According to Nini, the housemates should stop focusing on Whitemoney‘s strategy and start working on their own strategies because they are tired of starving.

There has been disorganization in the kitchen since Whitemoney was dismissed from the kitchen duties. However, Whitemoney initially addressed the female housemates who are currently in charge of kitchen duties, on the need for them to work with proper timing so that other housemates can eat.

However, as Maria still tried to bring up her fact about Whitemoney’s cooking strategy, Nini couldn’t bear it anymore as she yelled out and told Maria and other housemates that it is fine if Whitemoney is using cooking as his strategy.

She poured out her heart as she stated that she hadn’t eaten since yesterday, and they are tired of starving. Nini stated that other housemates should come up with their own strategies if it’s really a bother that cooking is Whitemoney’s strategy. She further stated:

A hungry woman is an angry woman.

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