“I’m Gold, So Na Borrow Pose”-James Brown Scorn Bobrisky Amid Oye’s Revelations

Fast-rising Nigerian cross dresser James Brown ridicules his senior colleague Bobrisky on social media after Bobrisky’s ex-personal assistant, Oye Kyme washes his (Bobrisky) dirty secrets all over social media platform

Recently Oye Kyme  made some startling revelations about Bonrisky .on Instagram where she claimed that Bobrisky was romantically involved in a relationship with Dubai-based billionaire, Mompha and they dated each other for some time.

Oye Kyme who had a question and answer’ session with her fans on Instagram was asked if Bobrisky gossiped about Tonto Dikeh to her while they were friends and she responded in the affirmative.

This comes a few hours after Bobrisky was dragged and called out by a jeweler for allegedly using his chain worth 2.4 million for a birthday shoot and has refused to pay.

Reacting to this allegations, James Brown threw shades at Bobrisky and mocked him claimed that the speculations that he lives a fake life are stale news.

He also termed his friendship with Bobrisky as hanging out with the devil and after learning how evil Bobrisky is, he distanced himself from him but when he did that people described him as an ungrateful person.

While praying that Oye recovers from her experience with Bobrisky, James Brown said Karma does not waste time these days.

He wrote:

It is well!! The breeze has finally brown, anyways all this stories are old gist,… ‘I am gold, so na borrow pose…

I saw devil and ran away, people called me ungrateful… Karma doesn’t waist time these days.. I hope Oyee babe heals from such trauma.

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