“I’m Sure Nini Is Hiding In A Hidden Room Somewhere In This House”- Pere tells Emmanuel

Pere finally reveals what he thinks about Nini’s sudden disappearance.

The camera focused on Pere and Emmanuel discussing in the dining. Shortly after Big brother pranked the housemates by calling Nini to the diary room.

Pere decided to engage Emmanuel about Nini’s sudden disappearance. Check out the breakdown of their conversation.

Pere: I think Nini is hidden somewhere. I think this is a task from Big Brother to Nini. She is to hide in a secret place.

Emmanuel: Hide where? We have searched everywhere in this house.

Pere: I think there is a hidden room in this house that Nini is hidden.

As expected, Pere’s statement got a lot of comments from fans on social media.

Yomi: Detective Pere in action.

Kyle: Pere is smart. See Emmanuel doubting his skills.

Queen12: This is not about being smart. It’s the season of pranks so they can’t expect anything less from big brother.

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