“It’s A Prank”-Pere Tells Cross As They Search For Nini

The Big Brother shine ya eyes housemates are already awake, searching for the whereabouts of Nini.

Recall that Big Brother gave Nini a top-secret task to prank the housemates into believing that she has left the house.

Biggie directed her to leave the house through a secret emergency exit door which is located at the game lounge. However, she is to carry her task without anyone seeing her.

Meanwhile, it was her best friend, Saga that noticed that she was no longer in the house. He also told all the housemates, and they, in turn, began to search for her.

During this search, Pere asked Cross the last time they had a diary session. Cross told him that it was yesterday evening. Having said that, Pere concluded that Nini’s sudden missing ‘is a prank’.

Also, other housemates were giving their suggestions on where Nini could have headed to.

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