“James Brown is so weak Right now, Please pray for him” – Man begs James browns Fellowers online

Nigerian cross dresser James Obialor (AKA James Brown) has taken to his social media page on Instagram to reveal what he has been going through lately.

The social media personality shared a video not himself being given an intravenous treatment on his bed and according to what was observed in the video James looked very weak. It would appear that the brand influencer is sick and is currently being treated.

Although, James Brown did not really reveal what ailment he is battling, I believe that it could be serious because he looked so exhausted in the video. Apart from the video he shared, James also dropped some messages for his loyal fans asking them to send a message to his friend, Tobi if they want to reach him. He however concluded that the Lord is his strength.

James’ friend whose name is given as Tobi also dropped a message to inform the fans of the cross dresser that their favourite social media person is very weak and that James needs their prayers.

I believe that whatever James Brown is going through right now could be as a result of his too much work and little rest. He is probably stressed from the many brand-influencing jobs he has been doing online. I think it is time he started taking a break from social media so that he can focus on his health better.

However, I want his fans to pray for him because he really needs it right now.

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