Joeboy Reacts To Arrest Threats, Pleads with Fans Not To Drink Harmful Substances In Regards To His Alcohol Challenge For The second Time

Nigerian singer, Joeboy  has pleaded with his fans for the second time in regards to his Alcohol Challenge.

It would be recalled that Joeboy begged his fans not to pour strange substances on their bodies in September. He told them that he appreciates the love they have shown toward his song, but they shouldn’t pour harmful substances on their bodies.

It is safe to say that his plea fell on deaf ears as more videos of people not only pouring but drinking substances like Antiseptics, Bleach, palm oil surfaced online.

Reacting to this, Joeboy took to his Twitter account to plead with fans again. He begged them not to ingest unhealthy things in addition to the rule of not pouring harmful substances on their bodies. Joeboy also warned them not to go overboard with the challenge and allow other people to enjoy the song in peace.

This news is coming hours after Nigerian Twitter users posted that Joeboy should be arrested for starting the challenge in the first place.

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