“Kpokpogri, You Are A pig”- Georgina Onuoha boldly Slams Tonto dikeh’s Ex-Lover For Releasing Their Voicenotes

Nigerians, including actress Georgina Onuoha have expressed anger at Kpokpogri’s action towards Tonto Dikeh

Georgina urged other women to stay away from Tonto Dikeh’s ex-lover, adding that he could hurt them the same way he did to the actress

The mother of two called Kpokpogri names, stating that karma would find him and deal accordingly with him

Although she’s not a fan of Tonto dikeh, actress Georgina Onouha could not bear to see the actress being dragged by her ex-lover Kpokpogri.

Taking to her Instagram page, Georgina slammed Kpokpogri for leaking the voicr recording with the actress on social media.

According to the US-based mother of two, Kpokpogri is not a man let alone a human being.

She said,

“You are vile, mean, and despicable to record a woman in her most vulnerable state without her consent then share it on social media to make caricature of her and her pain. You may have won this battle with this woman, someday you will lose a greater war, and just as you try to shame, the world will go agog celebrating your shame and downfall.”

The actress warned both men and women to be wary of Kpokpogri, noting that he could betray them just like he did Tonto.

Noting that she is not a fan of Tonto, she said the mother of one has proven to be a human than him.

Nigerians agree with Georgina’s post on Kpokpogri


“He has shown his level cowardness. wonder why she has not sued him for this.”




“Pure evil.”


“You see why I carry my love lock am for inside cobord. If you give them this love dem go carry daga stab stab am , shey this one too na man??”


“Evil and shameless hegoat.”


“I can’t get over the disgust I feel about what this man did, from the moment that he started tagging her X and making friends with people that he felt were against her. Complete low life of a man who stayed with her to chase clout.”


“I got emotional listening to that stuff. One thing is for sure; he never really loved her. It was all infatuation. He recorded it cos he had intention to use it against her. That’s utterly unfair. She’s really been through a lot in her life. My prayer is that God will be with her, strengthen her & grant her happiness.”

Tonto Dikeh, Kpokpogri unfollow each other on Instagram

The viral news that the actress’ ex-lover badmouthed her to another person marked the end of their relationship.

Tonto Dikeh and her Prince Kpokpogri even unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Online observers who have followed the love story of the two and adored their relationship had different things to say about the development.

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