Lessons To Learn From A Lady Who Fell In Love With A Kidnapper Because He Gives Her Money

Love and money are two words that go hand in hand, with each one contributing to the success or demise of the other. Right from the beginning of any relationship, there is an objective and the bottom line is money. When a relationship exists between two individuals, it is for a purpose. The two are benefitting one thing or another from each other. It could be friendship, trust, companionship, mentorship, and financial or emotional support.

Money has been identified as an important factor in every relationship because there are a lot of people that fall in love because of money. Recently, a Nigerian lady arrested by the police in Kaduna State has revealed that she fell in love with a kidnapper because he gives her a lot of money to cater for her financial needs. According to the Sun Newspaper, the lady identified simply as Aisha was paraded yesterday at Police Headquarters, Abuja.

She told police that she has been dating her boyfriend whom she met through one of her brothers on the telephone about a year ago. She however started the business of transporting weapons to him barely six months before she was arrested by the police. Aisha was arrested together with her friend Hafsat, who also falls in love with another kidnapper because of the same reason.

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