“Lies, They Have Been Living Together For 3 Years”- Neighbor Exposes Virgin Lady Who Flaunts Her Bloodstained Bedsheet On Social Media

An unidentified Social media user has surfaced to expose the deeds of the lady who went viral for flaunting her bloodstained bedsheet while claiming that she was a virgin till She got married.

Countering this, the netizen in an anonymous note stated that the lady actually lives in her neighbourhood and she has been living with her man for 3 years and they just deemed it necessary to tie the knot.

According to the unknown individual, the whole act is staged as the blood doesn’t even appear real.

The post reads:

“That virgin lady is my street lady ooo, the woman didn’t marry as a virgin ooo, she and her husband are deceiving gullible Nigerians, she blocked me when I commented on her post and attacked her that she is lying. I have opened a new account but she turned off comments section. You know why they are doing this because the whole community has judged them, they were staying together for 3 years…”

Read the post below:

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