Man commits sucide, hang himself hours after surviving accident

A 30 year old man has shocked people after committing suicide just a few hours after surviving a freaky accident.

The body of the man who was not identified immediately was found hanging from a tree in a thicket.

The incident was confirmed by area chief Joseph Kimanga man was heading home from a family function when his vehicle hit a fence near Kiteta girl’s high school.

He said that after the incident the man fled into the thicket not to be seen again.

Four other people who were in the vehicle were rescued and taken to the hospital for treatment for minor injuries.

After searching for the driver they found him dead, he had hanged himself and no one knew why.

“He was involved in the accident last night, the passengers in the car sustained minor injuries and we rushed them to Tawa. The guy left with the car keys and was later found dead, he has hanged himself,” said the chief.

It is still a mystery why he decided to take his life since he left no suicide note behind.

His body was picked by the police and taken to Tawa hospital mortuary as investigations into the incident began.

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