Maria and angel engaged in a serious argument in the house.

Queen was one of the four new housemates who came into the house on Sunday. However, a space of two days did not stop her from already engaging in an exchange of words with Maria, a fellow housemate.

The bone of contention bis the fact that Maria said that Queen already knows Pere’s strategy after two days of being in the house. Queen however, did not take this lying low as she called Maria out to talk to her.

However, Maria told her that she could not talk to her. This went on to anger Queen as began to shout at Maria and calling her all sorts of names. She told her that she does not know her and as such should not talk to her like that. She continued to shout at Maria and ask her who she thinks she is.

Queen equally broke down to tears as she was consoled by other housemates like WhiteMoney, Peace, Jaypaul and so on.

Maria on her own part told her to talk calmly to her and not shout at her. She equally left the scene so as to avoid any ugly situation. Other housemates on seeing the situation at hand tried to quell the trouble before hell will be set loose in the house.

Pere on his own part called Maria into the head of house lounge and tried to talk to Maria about the situation at hand.

The drama in the house keeps rising by the day in the house and we expect more from the housemates especially Queen

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